MasterCard Benefits Comparison Chart

Use our MasterCard® Benefits Comparison Chart to compare different MasterCard products and determine which MasterCard credit card programme is right for you.

Features and Benefits MasterCard Gold
MasterCard Global Service redcheck redcheck
Concierge - -
MasterCard Travel Services - -
MasterCard Airport Experience - -
Boingo Wi-Fi - -
Purchase Protection redcheck redcheck
Extended Warranty - redcheck
ATM Robbery and Assault Protection - -
Travel Assistance Service - -
Master Rental - -
MasterAsssit Plus - -
MasterAsssist Black - -
Trip Inconvenience - -
Luggage Protection - -

Applying for your Scotiabank MasterCard credit card is easy. Contact us for more information about our suite of credit card products (including rates and fees), and the benefits of transferring your existing credit card balance(s) to Scotiabank.